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Is UDP support available in Glacier2 ?

I have requirement where I need to send and receive(Bidirectional) UDP data over corporate network(public\Private access). Planning to use Glacier2(Firewall traversal). I saw in the ICE manual, Glacier2 does not support UDP.
Is there any method to send and receive data.
Example or pointers will be helpful.



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    Yes, Glacier2 does indeed not support UDP.

    The UDP transport only allows oneway requests and although it's possible, we don't really officially support bi-directional communications with UDP.

    If you provide a little more information on your application and how it's deployed, we might be able to provide additional pointers on the best approach. Why do you specifically require the use of UDP for instance?


  • Hi Benoit,

    Initial scope of POC development was to send data using TCP and UDP over Glacier2.
    Scope got changed and now need to send data only using TCP(Glacier2 supports that).
    I will be using this setup\configuration for POC development.

    Thanks for the support.