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What Compiler and options used for Raspian build

Hello, we're doing some experiments on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)) Using the ICE C++11 bindings with the g++ 8.3 compiler delivered with the OS. We're having occasional problems with ICE ( libzeroc-ice3.7:armhf package ). It behaves like an ABI issue, although I suppose it could be either general compiler options or the C++ ABI that changed at g++-7. Can you tell me what compiler version and compile options were used for this package?


  • Thanks. We'll keep investigating. When we build our application with -mcpu=cortex-a72, we have problems that would be explained by an ABI mismatch. Using -march=armv6+fp avoids the issue. I haven't seen anything to indicate that there are ABI differences by specifying a different cpu.