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How to ensure that glacier can offer a similar experience to all connections going through it?

Hey guys!

Can I configure glacier2 in a way that all users using it at the same moment would a similar experience regarding bandwidth, latency...?

The goal is to avoid some users having a good experience while others have a terrible one (or in a different use case, if some users will have more privileges than others, then I want to be able to set those privileges). Do you have any hints on how to achieve that behavior?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Hi Victor,

    There's no built-in features in Glacier2 to provide this functionality and I'm afraid there's no trivial solutions to support this.

    It could done at the firewall level if the firewall provides functionality to allow sharing the bandwidth between clients. This might be too coarse grained however if you want to limit the bandwidth based on application specific criteria (e.g. privileged vs non-privileged users). This also requires having administrative access to the firewall.

    Another option is to implement your own router to suite your specific needs or implement a facade server for that clients would connect to and which would forward traffic to Glacier2. It would allow to perform bandwidth/latency limitations. We could provide some consulting to help you implementing this.

    Yet another option is to improve Glacier2 to allow intercepting requests received from clients to perform bandwidth/latency limitations. Glacier2 could either provide a mechanism to allow applications to install an interceptor for this purpose or it could implement it internally and provide some configuration.


  • Thanks for the advice and help!

    I'll let you know if the people in the project decide for the consulting!

    Kind Regards,