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Eclipse plugin

I just downloaded the latest Eclipse and then installed the Ice plugin. I followed the 20 minutes demo and created the Java project and then the file. I entered the definition exactly as in the demo and saved. According to the demo the files should be generated when you save.

Nothing happens... Am I missing something here?



  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Did you enable the slice2java builder?
  • Yes, I did. If I right click on the project node and scroll down to the Slice2Java menu it has one item "Remove Slice2Java builder"
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Its difficult to say what the issue is. Perhaps you didn't set the location of the Ice installation? If you turn on console output in the slice2java plugin options, you'll get lots of debugging output. What do you see?
  • Sorry, I'm not an Eclipse user. As I've said in my other post, we use NetBeans. I've been searching for a way to turn on console output. I found the Slice2Java in Preferences, which contains the SDK Location, which is C:\Ice-3.3.1-VC90. I'm running Windows XP. Which is where Ice was installed.

    I can't find the console output setting. Will search some more... Ok found it!

    I deleted the project and followed the steps again...
    Start incremental build at 17:16:59
    Candidate list:
    No remaining candidates.
    No orphans from this build.
    Build complete. Elapsed time: 0s.
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    When you save changes to the slice file, the file should appear in the candidate list, and then subsequently be translated. Is the slice file in the "slice" subdirectory of the eclipse project? Is the "slice" subdirectory listed in the "Location of Slice Source Files" slice2java properties? If this doesn't help resolve your issue, can you confirm what version of Eclipse, Java, Ice and Windows you are using and I'll attempt to duplicate your issue.
  • I restarted Eclipse and tried the sequence again and now the files are generated...:confused:
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    That is a bit strange. Perhaps this is the first time you restarted eclipse since you installed the slice2java plugin? Does everything appear to be working fine now? Can you confirm your environment for me?
  • I think it was. I'm following the rest of the tutorial and so far everything works fine.

    I'm running Windows XP
    Eclipse Build id: 20090619-0625

    Thanks for the help!
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    I just tested a very similar environment with the latest Eclipse version (also 20090619-0625) and it seemed to work fine. I'm not really sure what was going wrong for you. Other than a strange bug, the only two things I can think of are a) you didn't restart eclipse after installing the plugin or b) your slice file doesn't result in any generated code (for example, it contains nothing, or only a module definition).

    At any rate, if you have any more trouble please let me know!