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Some questions about my senario.

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Suppose my requirements and the processing flow like this:

I have a task network including a task dispatcher host and several task worker hosts. Once get a task(each task has a unique task ID), the task dispatcher will deploy and start worker program on some of the worker hosts, the dispatcher will assign the current task ID and a different role ID for each involved worker, and the dispatcher will notify client of this task ID and all these role IDs.

Each involved worker will start a Ice service with a unique identity ID (e.g. ${taskID}_${roleID}) and a random TCP port, the involved worker will programmatically register its ice service on a Ice Registry.

A client(it knows the current task ID and all role IDs) can call any involved worker's ice service by this path: client -> Glacier2 -> Registy -> ice service in involved worker.

So, I have some questions about this processing flow:

  1. A Ice Registry can work independently without IceGrid?

  2. A user custom Ice service can programmatically register itself on the independent Ice Registry?

  3. A Glacier2 can integration with the independent Ice Registry?