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Ice C++ for ios, android and possibly webassembly

bold84 Bangkok, Thailand

Does anything speak against building Ice for C++ for the ios and android? Has it been done?

And this one might sound a bit crazy:
Building Ice targeting webassembly... (I know there is a JS library already). Could this work by using the websocket transport?


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain

    We build Ice for C++ with iOS, in fact Ice for Swift and Ice for Objective-C use the C++ runtime, so this should work out of the box. See

    For Android I don't expect any major issues, it should be similar to other Linux builds, but you might encounter some issues related to the specific toolchain and 3rd party dependencies.

    For webassembly it might be doable but it is going to need more work, not sure how web assembly deal with multi-threaded libraries like Ice, or with the TCP network layer, this would need more research.


  • bold84
    bold84 Bangkok, Thailand

    Sounds good :-)