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Using Freeze with other databases


The manual states that Freeze can be used with other databases than Berkely DB. Is there any information on how to do this?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hello Arnar,

    In both C++ and Java, Freeze is implemented using Berkeley DB. However an application using Freeze is insulated from Berkeley DB: no need to call Berkeley DB directly, and in C++, no need to #include any Berkeley DB header or link with the Berkeley DB library. On the configuration side, some variables are Berkeley DB independent (e.g. SavePeriod) and others are Berkeley DB specific (e.g. DbHome).

    If you want to use Freeze with another database, you need to rewrite its implementation (src/Freeze/*) using that database API. slize2freeze and slice2freezej would not need to change as they are database-independent.

  • Java DB

    Any chance of a pure java solution? via the new Java BerkleyDB
  • marc
    marc Florida
    We don't have such plans at present. However, this might change in case there will be a lot of demand for such a feature.