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Running multiple servers with only one client


I'm having some troubles setting up my client-servers communication. I have 2 servers : both are running on the same host but different port. But only one of them is reachable by my client, any explanation ? Am I missing something ?

NB : Servers are running with IceSSL, I don't know if it changes something




  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France


    You can enable network tracing on the client and servers using Ice.Trace.Network=2. It might provide hints as to why the client doesn't connect to the second server if it's a configuration issue.

    Otherwise, it would be good to provide the sample code you use to setup the two proxies used to talk to the two servers.


  • I solved my issue in between, I noticed that one of my server was booting after my client, so it couldn't work

    But now I have an issue with Ice.loadSlice() on IceGrid servers :
    icecpp: error: cannot open/my/directory/' for reading`
    The file is in the same directory as my python file, any idea ?

  • This seems to be a permission issue : I cloned the demo available on github, and it's not working whereas it was working on another computer. Any way to allow Ice and IceGrid to read files ?