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IceGrid Nodes in two networks

I am using IceGrid node with Object adapter replication for load balancing without problems for years. Currently I am adding more nodes in another network and there is firewall between 2 networks, but failed to start the icegridnode nor the application. The firewall only allows a range of ports to communicate between 2 networks (e.g. 9000-9100). I tried several ways listed below but still not able to bring up the Node. Could you kindly advice?
What I tried so far:
1. Glacier2 - failed to start
2. Force IceGrid.Node.Endpoints to use port 9100 - I found it timeout when connecting to IceGrid::InternalRegistry, so
3. In IceGridRegistry Force IceGrid.Registry.Internal.Endpoints to use port 9099 - this time the IceGridNode can start but the application got connection timeout at Ice::initialize. From netstat I can tell it is connecting to LocatorRegistry which is a random port.

Should/Could I further force the LocatorRegistry to use a port in range, OR there is another way for such use case?