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Attempting to upgrade berkeley db from icegrid 3.2 to 3.7...

I'm currently working on migrating our icegrid version (which is incredibly old: 3.2) to 3.7.

I'm having severe issues when running db_recover (as in the documentation) to 3.4 and then via 3.5 to 3.7...:

Y:\Redirected_Profile\Tools>y:\Redirected_Profile\Tools\Ice-3.2.0\bin\db_recover.exe -vh registry
y:\Redirected_Profile\Tools\Ice-3.2.0\bin\db_recover.exe: registry__db.001: unable to find environment
Finding last valid log LSN: file: 2 offset 3818468
Recovery starting from [2][3817561]
Recovery complete at Tue May 17 16:23:41 2022
Maximum transaction ID 80000018 Recovery checkpoint [2][3819275]

even when add the -c option to db_recover.exe still the __db files are being deleted and I cannot proceed with the next steps to get the db to 3.7.7...

As I'm nearing desperation I'm reaching out to you if you have any idea... and of course I will also browse through the forums... any help would be appreciated!