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Taking too much time to detect that the node is offline

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I'm using Ice version 3.7.4. Registry and a node are deployed on different hosts. After the node status become active, I unplug the network cable of the node host.

For now, it takes over 10 even 30 seconds for registry to update the status of the node.

I have turned on all the trace configuration for registry including "Ice.Trace.Network" and "Ice.Trace.Protocol" and there is nothing between "Protocal: sending close connection" and a operation "nodeDown" during this no-response time.

I am not using Glacier2 and I have tried IceGrid.Regitry.NodeSessionTimeout property, and it does not work. I notice information of IceGrid Sessions in manual. Should I create session and involke keepalive on server?

Could you give me some advise? Thanks for your help!


  • IceGrid.Regitry.NodeSessionTimeout does help. By setting it as 2, the wait time is shorted to about 15 seconds, but it is still too long