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PURE_CLIENT and iceecd.lib

Where is the cohesion mentioned between preprocessor directive ICEE_PURE_CLIENT and the iceecd.lib (I develop in a C++ Win32 Ice Embedded environment). I spent a day debugging obscure memory errors because I mistakenly used the iceed.lib instead. It really is my own mistake, but I can't seem to find it in the documentation. And by the way - there is a spelling error on page 1246 in the "Distributed Programming with Ice" (search for the word "toto") and on page 844 (search for the word tSlicehe).


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    This is mentioned in the README file that accompanies the distribution:
    4. Run-time Libraries

    Ice-E supports building static and dynamic Ice-E run-time libraries.
    Furthermore, in order to minimize the size of Ice-E applications, two
    versions of the run-time library are provided:

    * The "client" library is suitable for applications requiring only
    client-side functionality.

    * The "server" library supports client and server-side functionality.

    A simple rule of thumb is to use the server library if your program
    creates an object adapter, otherwise you can use the client library.

    Users of the client library must define the preprocessor macro
    ICEE_PURE_CLIENT when compiling an application and link with the
    appropriate run-time library.

    Thanks for the manual bugs, we'll fix those.
  • My bad. I see it now. However, shouldn't this also be included in the manual? I'm still kinda rookie regarding open source projects so I don't know the contume in documentation. Regard this as just a question.
  • dwayne
    dwayne St. John's, Newfoundland
    The Ice manual documents the full featured Ice, which for the most part describes Ice-E as well. The ways in which Ice-E feature are different than Ice is described in the documentation files that come with the Ice-E distribution.
  • Did I mention...?

    I think I forgot to mention that we succesfully made Ice run on a Linux PowerPC-405 and a Linux OMAP 3530 without any problems... (well we had some problems but they were related to the cross compiler)
  • jkidd wrote: »
    And by the way - there is a spelling error on page 1246 in the "Distributed Programming with Ice" (search for the word "toto") and on page 844 (search for the word tSlicehe).

    I've fixed the "tSlicehe" one, thanks. What do you think is wrong on page 1246? It says

    For example, structure members are marshaled in the order of their Slice definition; if a structure member itself is of complex type, such as a sequence, the sequence is marshaled in toto where it appears inside its enclosing structure.

    I can't see anything wrong here.


  • I guess im the only one together with my dictionary that finds the word "toto" rather unfamiliar... is that on purpose?
  • Acknowledged:)