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bug in RWRecMutex

I think I have found a deadlock in RWRecMutex.

Thread A calls readLock
Thread B calls writeLock
Thread A calls readLock

A co-worker has written a little test application that shows this. He will post it in a moment.


  • Code that shows deadlock in action.
    #include <IceUtil/RWRecMutex.h>
    #include <IceUtil/Thread.h>
    using namespace std;
    class Base : public IceUtil::Thread {
        IceUtil::RWRecMutex &mut;
        Base( IceUtil::RWRecMutex &m ) : mut(m) {}
    class Read : public Base {
        Read( IceUtil::RWRecMutex &m ) : Base(m) { }
        void run() {
            IceUtil::ThreadControl self;
            cout << "Trying to get ReadLock." << endl;
            IceUtil::RWRecMutex::RLock rlock(mut);
            cout << "ReadLock aquired." << endl;
            cout << "Trying to get ReadLock again." << endl;
            IceUtil::RWRecMutex::RLock rlock2(mut);  //Deadlock here.
            cout << "ReadLock aquired again." << endl;
    class Write : public Base {
        Write( IceUtil::RWRecMutex &m ) : Base(m) { }
        void run() {
            IceUtil::ThreadControl self;
            cout << "Trying to get WriteLock." << endl;
            IceUtil::RWRecMutex::WLock wlock(mut);
            cout << "WriteLock." << endl;
    int main() {
        cout << "Starting." << endl;
        IceUtil::RWRecMutex mut;
        IceUtil::ThreadPtr r = new Read(mut);
        IceUtil::ThreadPtr w = new Write(mut);
        IceUtil::ThreadControl rtc, wtc;
        rtc = r->start();
        wtc = w->start();
        cout << "Finished." << endl;
        return 0;
    Under Linux using gcc.
  • Thanks for the report!

    I can reproduce the problem here. The cause is that, while there is a waiting writer, readers are unconditionally blocked when they try to acquire a read lock:
    IceUtil::RWRecMutex::readLock() const
        Mutex::Lock lock(_mutex);
        // Wait while a writer holds the lock or while writers or an upgrader
        // are waiting to get the lock.
        while(_count < 0 || _waitingWriters != 0)

    The problem in your example is that the caller of readLock() already holds a lock on the mutex, tries to acquire the lock a second time, but then blocks because there is a waiting writer, which prevents it from releasing the initial lock.

    It seems it would be more appropriate to allow those readers that have a lock already to continue to acquire more read locks, and to only block those readers in readLock() that don't have a lock already.

    We'll discuss this internally.


  • a little more explanation

    Looking at the source src/IceUtil/RWRecMutex.cpp

    The Read thread calls successfully through readLock(), leaving _count at 1.
    The Write thread calls writeLock and since _count isn't 0 it increments _waitingWriters and then waits on _writers.wait()
    The Read thread recursively calls readLock() and since _waitingWriters != 0 it waits on _readers.wait(). Deadlock!