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Installation problem

Trying to install 1.3.0 for VS 7.1 on Win XP HE.

Getting error code 2755..
"Installer encountered an unexpected problem installing the package. This may indicate the problem with the package. The error code is 2755"

Pic is attached...


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    Another strange Microsoft Installer (MSI) problem :(.
    Can you install any other VC71 MSI package from ZeroC?

    Google gives a few suggestions to solve this problem. Are you using an encrypted volume? Do you have permission to write to the install directory?
    (All our installers only install files in the install directory, and nowhere else).


    In particular you could try to install Ice-1.3.0-VC71.msi with:
    msiexec /L*v C:\icelog.txt /i Ice-1.3.0-VC71.msi
    and then open C:\icelog.txt with notepad to hopefully find some clue.

  • Thank you..

    It was none of those problems that were mentioned but running "verbose" mode helped me to find a way to get around it. Apparently, according to the log file "error code 2755" refers to MS Windows Installer error 1631 "Installer service failed to start".

    I just speculated that normally some services might not start due to variety of reasons, and one of the most obvious ones being that a defunct instance of the same service still exists in the system ( and these days everyone seems to be obliged to run the installer with no apparent reason - MS Office runs it almost every time I start it, Adobe does it plenty too ) and holds some exclusive resource. So I decided to try the most ancient way of fixing software problem - reboot :D , and it worked..

    Thanks again.