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IceStorm example - configuration

I am working through the publisher/subscriber example in chapter 25, and I am having a bit of trouble working out exactly what goes in the config_service and config files to get this example working. Can you give me an example of the bare minimum config for this example?


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    Hi Bruce!

    Naturally you can configure your applications however you see fit.

    In the example demo/IceStorm/clock, we use the file config_service for IceBox, and the file config for IceStorm, the publisher and the subscriber. If you look closely at config_service, you'll notice that the IceStorm service is configured with the argument --Ice.Config=config, which causes it to load the properties in config.

    To be more specific, IceBox requires the following properties in order to load IceStorm:
    IceStorm requires the following properties:
    Publishers and subscribers need a proxy for the TopicManager. In this example they use the following property:
    Hope that helps,
    - Mark