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One question about cpp mapping

peterpeter Member Peter JaxyOrganization: Reihnisch Westfälisch technische HochschuleProject: Integrative Production Technologie ✭✭
Good morning Ice-Team!

How can I map a dictionary to a cpp multimap???

I wrote the following Ice-file:


module probe {
class obj;
["cpp:type:std::multimap<string, obj>"] dictionary<string, obj> beispiel;


I get the error message:
ignoring invalid metadata etc...


  • dwaynedwayne St. John's, NewfoundlandMember Dwayne BooneOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine
    Ice does not currently support alternative mappings for Slice dictionaries in C++; std::map is always used. If you have a commercial need for this feature please contact us at [email protected].
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