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ICE 1.3 with ATL ActiveX DLL


I spent the whole day making an ICE client ActiveX DLL using ATL with Visual Studio .NET 2003. ICE didn't even blinked when I converted my standard Win32 DLL to an ActiveX DLL. What took the whole day was some wierdness in converting BSTR pointers (it was just me ... I'm a n00b).

This meant that I can now do the following development framework:
VB6 App/Excel/VBScript -->> ICE COM Client -->> ICE Server

I'm so happy. :D



  • marc
    marc Florida
    Sounds good! I'm glad to hear that Ice works seamlessly with ActiveX.

  • When I put the client side code in dll ,they run failed.
  • marc
    marc Florida
    Originally posted by level
    When I put the client side code in dll ,they run failed.

    I'm afraid you must provide a lot more detail for us to be able to help you. What code, which compiler, what compilation settings, what failure exactly, etc.
  • Also, a code snippet will be more helpfull. :)
  • Sorry ,waste your time.
    I have solve the question.

    I linked the dll program with release lib (ice.lib), that throw the error without rhyme or reason.

    I at one time use CORBA ,but I want ice become my a preferred magic weapon.

    Thanks your attention!