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Can anyone rewrite the database demo with mysql?

coloradocolorado Member colorado leeOrganization: devnetworkProject: online schedule
I learn the database demo in the Ice distribution, the demo accesses Oracle database by OCCI or Pro*C with which I am not familiar,It must spend lots of time for understanding oracle and OCCI. So, I hope some one can help me rewrite the demo for mysql, it would better use evictor and connection pool.Can anyone help me?


  • denndenn Member Denn SporcicOrganization: L3 NautronixProject: Great Barrier Reef Vessel Tracking System
    I'm not sure if you can create object types in MySQL ?
    It would be hard to port the Oracle OCCI example across.
    What I have noticed is that there isn't any simple examples for other Databases.
    There are libraries that work against multiple databases, one being OTL.
    I am in the process of porting the example to use OTL Oracle, Odbc and DB2-CLI Template Library Programmer's Guide and plain tables.
  • xdmxdm La Coruña, SpainAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Jose Gutierrez de la ConchaOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff

    Ice-3.3.1 includes a MySQL demo see java/demo/Database/library in source distribution, will be easy to port this demo to other languages.

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