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Can I distribute my open source software under a BSD style license and still use Ice?

Hi, pretty much what the title says. I'd like to distribute my current project under a BSD style license, and I'm not sure I can do so while Ice is licensed under the GPL for open source projects.

I'm using the stock release of Ice version 3.3.1, I'm not distributing any kind of change to the Ice core or Python extensions.

Thanks for your time.


  • The GPL requires that you release your own application that uses Ice under GPL (version 2) as well. You cannot release your software that links with or otherwise incorporates Ice under any other license.
  • Ok, I'm not very fond of the GPL, but I guess I'll use it on this one as designing and implementing my own middle-ware would take a lot more time than I'm willing to commit to this project.

    Thanks for your time.