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Ice does not support python2.6?

When I use python2.6, it can not import Ice. But when using python2.4, it can.
Does not Ice support python2.6?



  • Depends on the version you're using. For windows:

    Visual Studio 2005 -> python 2.5.2
    Visual Studio 2008 -> python 2.6.1
  • Actually, i use CentOS2.6. The version of default python is 2.4. I have to use python2.6 and I have installed it. But I cannot import Ice when using 2.6.
  • Not sure if it's supported then, but if it's not working I see two options:
    1) Build from source against python 2.6
    2) Wait for the new release that should be coming out and hope it's in there