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About the manual

I have seen that "If you have ideas for how we can improve Ice, you can discuss them here. All suggestions are welcome!" So i come in. I think the manual should belongs to the Ice too.

I am very fresh for working with ICE and even middleware. I am a Beginner. I think, i always have problems with this manul. I think this manual is much more suitable for the people, who generally know how ICE works or how middleware works. Because the most content in the manual is how to make what for what work. But there are just few small parts about the system. How it works. As my questioin about "Proxy" and "ICE Object" in the "help center". e.g. A message will be sent from a server to client. where is it capsulted, which part send it, what makes the send arrive at the right client, what receive the messsage for the client, what deal with it........... I think it's really to know this system how it works, before i know, how to use what.

1. More pictures about structure. One picture is sometimes much better than 1000 sentences of perfect description.

2. More real examples about how it works. Like the "send" above.

Thank you.


  • Did you have thorough look at Chapter 2 and Chapter 3? They cover the architecture and principles and present examples of how to write a simple client and server.