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Replicated admin interface to the registry

I have a setup involving one master and one replicated registry node.

I am using an instance of IceGrid.RegistryPrx to list server instances from a python script. Therefore, I perform only read-only operations on the registry.

I obtain the proxy through the call:

proxy = self.communicator().stringToProxy("IceGrid/Registry")

I tried to use a proxy fowarding calls to the replicated registry using:

proxy = self.communicator().stringToProxy("IceGrid/Registry-Replica0")

This works fine.

What if I want to have a script which connects to the master or the slave depending on their availability. Is there some way to but the objects identified by "IceGrid/Registry" and ""IceGrid/Registry-Replica0" is a replication group ?

As far as I know, that is not possible ? Is there some reason why ?