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one transaction across multiple JVMs with FREEZE


I'm currently working on a distributed Plugin framework. I want to be able to have a database transaction containing calls to multiple plugins, but with each plugin being able to reside on any server in the cluster, this means the plugins can be in different JVMs.

Does FREEZE support database transactions that span multiple JVM instances?



  • bernard
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    Hi Mark,

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    At present, Ice does not provide a distribute transaction service and as a result you can't create a distribute transaction with several participants (your JVMs using Freeze); see

    Freeze is built on top of Berkeley DB, and Berkeley DB supports distributed transactions (as a participant, not as a distributed transaction manager/coordinator). So, if Ice had a distributed transaction service, it would possible to update Freeze to support 2 phase commit and participation in distributed transactions.

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  • Is this something that is planned to be added somewhere in the near future? Because if i'is I'll just wait for thag, my current project will take some time to complete anyway, so I have a bit of time. If not, I'll need to come up with something myself.