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I have used Ice and it works very well for all clients except an applet. In an applet I am constrained to use a file for the communication. I had written my own calls and marshalling Ice objects by ad-hoc code, but its not scalable and it got to a point where I am looking for the proper solution.

Do you only support socket connections at the moment ? I could not find a FileEndpoint in the docs or in the source files. Is there a way to achieve this or is it just not supported yet? Have you considered implementing it ?

I am desperate and am thinking about implementing it myself. Before I do that I would like to know if you think it would be sensible to do so, or whether there are fundamental reasons for it not to work.

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  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    We don't support such an endpoint. It's quite unusual to use a file for this purpose and it's not exactly clear to me how this would work. Would the applet and server both read and write to the same file or would they transfer the file over the network using some other protocol?