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In this thread Vlad talks about a .NET remoting infrastructure wrapped around the ICE protocol. Has anyone used this? Is it even usable in it's current state?



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    Well, I grabbed the source code from the mono svn and it seems to build. There are a few deprecated methods used since I am using .NET 3.5, but it builds and with a few small changes seems to run just fine. I wrote a server using it and then a client in Java and it worked great. This would really be nice to get into the main Ice releases because it would give a migration path to a lot of people using .NET remoting. Being able to just drop in a new type of channel instead of TcpChannel, et al, is really quite nice!
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    Hi Alex,

    Did you also try Ice for .NET / C#?

    It's a full implementation of Ice in C#, supported with both Microsoft .NET and Mono.

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  • Yes, I did try Ice. The problem is that I am migrating a solution which currently uses .NET remoting. So having the interim step of only changing the remoting channel in my current service is a big plus. I gain the ability to connect other languages using the Ice protocol, but don't have to go through a large porting effort for my main service application. At some point, I plan on rewriting the service, but that is some time out.