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Ice Proxies and Aspects in Spring

nefilimnefilim Member Peter vanRensburgOrganization: LockerzProject: Social Platform
Just curious if anyone has tried this, either Spring AOP based or AspectJ (more likely) and have any words of wisdom to impart... ?


  • joshmoorejoshmoore GermanyMember Josh MooreOrganization: Glencoe Software, Inc.Project: OME, http://openmicroscopy.org
    What exactly are you shooting for? Do you want to have all proxies return from "communicator.stringToProxy()" be wrapped? Or are you using a Glacier2 facade? In OMERO, all client interaction happens via a session proxy:
    import omero.client;
    omero.client c = new omero.client();
    SessionFactoryPrx sf = c.createSession(); // Returns a Glacier session subclass
    IQueryPrx q = sf.getQueryService();

    If the sf instance were wrapped (it's not yet, since we'd need to do the same in Python and C++), then all the services like IQueryPrx could also easily be wrapped.

    Without using a facade, you'd need to either wrap the Ice.Communicator instance manually or have AspectJ intercept the call to Ice.Util.initialize() and return a wrapped instance.

    If you want similar functionality on the server side, i.e. with the servants, you might want to use the "--tie" flag to slice2java. Here's our configuration for the servants.

    Hope that helps.
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