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hi,where to go, ICE?

OrNotOrNot Member Bin.LiOrganization: GE HealthcareProject: Enterprise solution
I just read a news ,which said twitter will replace their database from
mysql with Cassandra. I feel a little bit curious for I have no idea on cassandra at all. then I take a search with google. oo, here it is : The Apache Cassandra Project

I have a quick review and get some familiar terms I once got from ICE. Yes, it seems a distributed database system and rely on thrift , a simplified ICE?;)

What I want to say is, in the last two years, ICE 's vigor is fading away , at least it is my feeling. ICE seems missing its way. But at the same time, many other teams become more and more aggressive and even their technologies are not awesome as ICE's. Cassandra&Thrift may be a good example. Actually, since
ICE has so many brilliant guys and so cool code base, why live like a old man? where are the energies ? To be or not to be, always a question?

Yes, I am just a outsider and don't know what is going on on earth in ICE, but
I think ICE should have greater ambitions to achieve more.

Take care, ICE, when boat is heading to up-steaming of a water, no progress means moving back.



  • bernardbernard Jupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
    OrNot, where have you been in these past two years?

    Just a cursory look at the Announcement forums shows numerous releases, new features, lab projects and more. No interest in Ice Touch? Ice for Android? Ice for Silverlight? The Xcode/Eclipse/Visual Studio support? The many new features in Ice 3.3 and soon 3.4?

    Our focus for Ice and Ice-related products is naturally distributed communications - helping our customers and users build distributed applications that are robust, fast and secure. And we're happy to see more and more open-source projects choose Ice as their communication infrastructure. Looking for an Ice-based database system? Try Blackray.

    Cassandra looks like a cool database system and could probably have selected Ice; at the same time, it was contributed by Facebook, so it's not surprising they chose their own home-grown communication solution.

  • OrNotOrNot Member Bin.LiOrganization: GE HealthcareProject: Enterprise solution
    Hi, Bernard,
    I will say, I am not a critic, but a fan of yours. ;) . From 2005 to now, I may come here at least twice everyday even I am not using ice as my development tool due to some license reason. ICE for me, a little bit like MJ for his fan, it is a
    landmark in life.

    ICE released many tool sets and took a upgrade to 3.4. It looks great but your activities are becoming more and more inactive. ICE once published a newsletter every month, it is very good. lately, it was published every two months. more lately, ceased , changed to blog. but after some posts, no updates any more.

    On the other side, in a big picture, ICE is great but I don't think it is beyond what corba can do. I once thought after its framework and infrastructure are well done, ICE perhaps will move towards more important domains, especially in recently years, cloud computing is becoming a hot pot ( no matter whether is just a lie or not). which should have definitely been the strength of ICE , right? However, nothing is happening till now, at least , on the surface.

    Sometimes, I also ask myself: ICE has been so generous, why you demand more? Frankly, Yes, as a open source project, ICE has been good enough. They don't owe anybody any thing. In some sense, I even can't understand
    myself , just like I can't understand why those fans cry when they watch MJ's performance in the concert. That is it?:p

    Anyhow, hope ice has a good and healthy future. :p

  • smandysmandy Member Andy SmithOrganization: Self EmployedProject: Learning Ice
    has anyone done any work to add cassandra-like functionality on top of ice/freeze?

    A cassandra-like server using ice as a front end to freeze maps would be very useful ( to me anyway!).

  • Bob VelisBob Velis Member Bob VelisOrganization: ConsultantProject: SOA for ANDROID
    Ice 1.3 / Dead of Ice-E for Java ?


    Please explain the reason for the decision to discontinue Ice-E 1.3 for Java.

    Bob Velis.
  • marcmarc FloridaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Marc LaukienOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: The Internet Communications Engine ZeroC Staff
    Bob Velis wrote: »

    Please explain the reason for the decision to discontinue Ice-E 1.3 for Java.

    Bob Velis.

    The reason was that there was no commercial demand for Ice-E for Java. As much as we love to develop software, ultimately we can only continue projects that contribute to our revenue.

    If you have a commercial interest in Ice-E for Java, please contact us at [email protected].
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