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How can I start icebox as a service?sos!~

Hi, I'm a new comer, right now, I'm using IceBox to manage my dll project,I wanna use IceBox as windows service, for now, I can use command-line:
"E:\HiSCADA\bin\Release> icebox --Ice.Config=IceConfig.ini" to run icebox service smoothly, it can start my dl project to provide service.

When I use command-line below:
E:\HiSCADA\bin\Release>sc create iceboxservice binPath= "E:\Ice-3.3.1-VC90\bin\
icebox.exe --Ice.Config=E:\HiSCADA\bin\Release\IceConfig.ini --service iceboxservice"

[SC]CreateService SUCCESS

2.Run->services.msc->start iceboxservice
It's ok!~ but it looks like doesn't load my dll project, why?

all DLL files and ice configuration files that I need in folder "E:\HiSCADA\bin\Release", Also, this "E:\HiSCADA\bin\Release" directory has been already configured in environmental variable PATH.

BTW, I've also used "icebox --install iceservice --Ice.Config=Ice.Config.ini" option to install windows service, but it also doesn't work.

Any other reasons?

I've already read Mark Spruiells article in issue 10 of the Ice newsletter, but it use Icepatch2 as case study, it can't help me.

Anyone can help me?
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