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Custom Locator

We are using IceGrid to host maybe 10,000 persistent stateful
objects. Each lives on one node. To obtain a proxy requires a lookup
from id (uuid) to node (and adapter id).

So far we've done the lookup client-side (via a grid server which
keeps track of where things are). This works but adds a lot of
complexity to our client code.

AFAICT a Locator which extends the IceGrid Locator and intercepts
suitable Category/Name lookups would work very nicely. Is this
possible / easy to do, or is there some other, better way to do this?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Implementing your own locator interface to intercept well-known object lookups (by implementing your own implementation of the Ice::Locator findObjectById method) would make the lookup more transparent to your clients. However, all locator requests will have to go through this locator which might cause additional overhead depending on your application. So perhaps it's simpler to stick with an application specific lookup service instead (it's not a lot more work for clients to find objects using this service, is it?)

  • It's more complex than I'd like it to be but maybe we can simplify it a bit.

    Thanks Benoit,