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new option for icepatch2

ignacio.diezignacio.diez Member Ignacio DiezOrganization: University of Castilla-La ManchaProject: HYDRA - System Deployment
Hello, everybody.

First of all I'd like to apologise, for I didn't know whether to write this post here or in the Help Center forum. Now, let's get into matter.

I am working with fmoya in a project, and we found out that it would be useful to have a new option added to the IcePatch2 client, to avoid the removal of the .bz2 files. This way, we could build a hierarchy of IcePatch2Servers, without having to re-run icepatch2calc again, thus saving time. Francisco implemented the new option (--preserve) and added it to the Debian package.

However, it doesn't work as well as expected. The first time you do the patching, everything works fine. But let's suppose you change some files and need to update the deployment. The files that have not been altered are not transferred, and this makes icepatch2client to store a byte count of 0 (zero) for these files in the IcePatch2.sum, and hence the problem: that 0 byte count makes that file to be transferred as a zero-sized file, which is not desired.

Does that 0 in IcePath2.sum have any other special meaning, apart from indicating that the file has not been tranferred? Can we change the code to make icepatch2client preserve the byte count, at least when using the --preserve option?

Thanks a lot.
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