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Looking for reference documentation of API that is not generated from slice files

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Ice, but must say that in general I was pleasantly surprised by the documentation that your product provides. There is one thing that I cannot find however: the API reference documentation of the Ice headers files (I am using C++) that are not generated from the Ice Slice files.

This was drawn to my attention when I was looking for the Ice::Application reference documentation, but could only find some paragraphs in the Ice Manual where the Ice::Application class was introduced.

When I browsed the Ice source tree I could see there were approximately 120 headers which are not generated from slice definitions. While some of these headers only define in namespace IceInternal, there are also a lot of definitions in namespace Ice (like for instance Ice::Application). So, the Ice namespace seems important for a developers like me, but I cannot seem to find any documentation apart from the manual.

Erik den Dekker


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Erik,

    Welcome to our forums!

    A large of the public C++ for Ice is actually generated code, from Slice definitions. You can find the documentation for these Slice definitions at

    Then there are a few C++ classes that are not generated, for example:
    - Ice::Application
    - Ice::Service
    - Ice::StringConverter
    - IceUtil::Mutex, IceUtil::Thread, IceUtil::Time (...)

    These classes are described in the Ice manual. For example, Ice::Application is described in detail in 8.3.1 The Ice Application Class (

    Best regards,