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Implementing multiple interfaces in a single C++ class

Hi all,

I was wondering if it was possible to implement more than one interface in as single C++ class, for example using multiple inheritance:
class ABReceiverI: public virtual AReceiver, public virtual BReceiver
    virtual void receiveA(A itemA);
    virtual void receiveB(B itemB);

I cannot get this to work, gcc complains that there is "no unique final overrider" for a number of items, such as ice_id(), ice_clone(), and ice_ping().

Is there no way in which this can be made to work? What are the best alternatives here? Right now I'm thinking of making an aggregate class like this:
class ABReceiver
    class AReceiverI
    class BReceiverI

Is that the way to go, or are there better alternatives?

Best regards Sidney


  • marc
    marc Florida
    As you found out, you cannot implement two interfaces with one single C++ class directly. However, you could simply define a new Slice interface derived from the two other Slice interfaces, and then implement this new Slice interface with a single C++ class.
  • That's pretty clever ... and it works like a charm!