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Some problems about iceE

Hello. I know that you don't support the old version of IceE. But my problem precisely comes from the old version IceE1.2. Because i have to use J2ME to empolder my client, but the latest version iceE1.3 doesnt support J2ME, so i have no choice.

Now my problem is, when i try to build a j2me project, the WTK tells:
ERROR: finalize methods should not appear
Error preverifying class Ice.Connection
My WTK version is 2.5.2 while my jdk is 1.6. I don't use ant. Then could you help me to solve this problem? I have been stumped by this problem for a long time and i'm even desperate with it. I have no other ways to avoid it. So although i know you don't support iceE1.2 on the forums, I still ask you for help!

Thank you very much!