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deploy using icegridnode

Hi all,

I have two questions regarding the "--deploy" option to "icegridnode".

First, wouldn't it be more natural to have this primarily as an option to "icegridregistry"? (It could then, secondarily, be an option to "icegridnode" for the collocated case).

Secondly, I am trying to use the "--deploy" option with icegridnode for testing purposes, but this fails because I cannot provide user/password information on the command line of 'icegridnode'. Is there a way around this?

Best regards,



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    This option was added as a convenience to allow starting an IceGrid domain with a single command by running an IceGrid node with a collocated registry and adding/updating a given application.

    It's not as useful on the registry since you still have to run an IceGrid node... so you might just as well use icegridadmin to deploy or update the application.

    You can provide the username/password by setting the IceGridAdmin.Username and IceGridAdmin.Password properties in the icegridnode configuration.

  • Hi Benoit,

    Ok, I understand that for the common use-case the "icegridnode" (with collocated registry) is most important, but logically the "--deploy" option seems more at home with the registry.

    It is good to know that the "icegridnode" also honors the IceGridAdmin username/password settings. I've been working on a setup with a temporary IceGrid for test purposes, and thanks to this it works very nicely.

    The only remaining issue is that there is no easy way to determine whether the "icegridnode" I start in the background is ready to be contacted via its adapter endpoint, in my shell script. I now do a netcat/grep loop:
    while ! netstat -n -t -l | grep -q "0\.0\.0\.0:$ICEGRID_LOCATOR_PORT"
        sleep 0.01

    I guess there is really not a lot that can be done to make this cleaner. Apart from this, everything looks pretty good.

    Cheers, Sidney
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Sidney,

    Actually, there's a better way to wait for readiness of IceGrid or Ice servers in general. Ice and IceGrid support configuration properties to enable printing out a "ready" message after object adapter activation and/or the IceGrid node startup.

    See the documentation for the Ice.PrintAdapterReady and IceGrid.Node.PrintServersReady properties for more information.

  • I think I've read about 70% of the manual so far, but I missed this. Clever!

    ... One of these days I will find some room for improvement that you guys didn't think of first ... :p

    Cheers! Sidney