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icebox server shut down automatically in "session activation" model

lshmouselshmouse Member Liu ShaohuiOrganization: oak pacificProject: antispam
I tested the icebox server in "session activation" model and found the server will shut down automatically after it have been idle for a little time. I did not set the property Ice.ServerIdleTime . The ice manual says the dafault value of this property is zero which means the server will not shut down automatically . In spite of I set the
property Ice.ServerIdleTime to zero , the server shut down automatically also. I donot know why. thx!
	<server-template id="Printer">
		<parameter name="Index" />
		<parameter name="DefaultHost" />
		<parameter name="Priority" default="0" />

		<icebox id="Printer${Index}" user="safe" exe="java" activation="session" activation-timeout="20" deactivation-timeout="20" >
			<property name="IceBox.UseSharedCommunicator.printer${Index}"
				value="1" />
			<property name="Ice.ServerIdleTime" value="0"/>
			<property name="Ice.ThreadPool.Server.Size" value="100" />
			<property name="Ice.ThreadPool.Server.SizeMax" value="50000" />
			<property name="Ice.ThreadPool.Server.StackSize" value="262144" />

			<service name="Printer${Index}" entry="PrinterService">
				<adapter id="Printer${Index}" name="Printer${Index}" endpoints="tcp -h ${DefaultHost}" >
					<allocatable identity="Printer" type="Printer" property="Identity"/>

The PrinterService is just a simple service which print hello in server side.


  • lshmouselshmouse Member Liu ShaohuiOrganization: oak pacificProject: antispam
    Got it

    IceGrid reclaims it when the client’s session terminates or expires due to inactivity.
    But I don,t know where to use session activation.
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