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IceE on ARM with libIceUtil

claykunzclaykunz Member Clay KunzOrganization: MITProject: robotics
Hi, group -

I'm porting a small application from x86 linux using Ice to ARM linux using Ice-E. my application uses a few helpers from IceUtil, including IceUtil::Thread, Mutex, and ThreadControl, as well as Ice::Service. I know Ice-E doesn't have Ice::Service, which is fine - I can work around it or maybe port it. I also know that Ice-E is supposed to include libIceUtil (since the readme indicates changes between Ice and Ice-E in the IceUtil library), but the tarball doesn't seem to support cross-compiling IceUtil. Can anyone help me with this, or am I missing something? I just want libIceUtil; I don't need the other stuff in cpp to compile, since I can run slice2cpp natively on the build host.

incidentally, I was able to compile the Ice-E libraries (server and client only) for gumstix overo, using the latest open embedded toolchain (gcc 4.3), with only one source code modification (I had to add #include <sys/time.h> to IceE/Time.h, I think). I also had to tweak Make.rules.Linux to allow cross-compiling from an x64 build host; otherwise it adds the -m64 or -m32 compile-time switches, even though it's running a cross-compiler which doesn't know what to do with them.

thanks very much.


  • bernardbernard Jupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
    Hi Clay,

    With Ice-E, there is no separate "IceUtil-E" library, all the code is in the Ice-E library.

    I believe you could include IceE/Mutex.h, IceE/Thread.h etc. and with the static Ice-E library, the linker would include only those objects.

  • claykunzclaykunz Member Clay KunzOrganization: MITProject: robotics
    thanks, Bernard. next time I will peruse the directory tree and source code more closely :)
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