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IceSL and Silverlight 4

kwaclawkwaclaw Oshawa, CanadaMember Karl WaclawekOrganization: Personal
I found it is possible to build IceSL with Silverlight 4 by changing the value of SLSDK_HOME to a Silverlight 4 appropriate value in Make.rules.mak.cs.

The only issue I ran into was that on line 70 in Make.common.rules.mak NMake encountered syntax error U1023 because in my new setup ICE_HOME contained spaces in the path. I had to add quotes.

Obviously, the new async syntax in ICE 3.4 is not available in IceSL, as it was designed for Silverlight 2.



  • mesmes CaliforniaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Mark SpruiellOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff
    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the update, it's good to know that IceSL can be built with Silverlight 4.

  • geslygesly Member Gesly GeorgeOrganization: AQRProject: Service Framework
    Do you guys have plans to upgrade IceSL to use Silverlight 4 and be compatible with Ice 3.4?

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