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Using Ice under Unix and Windows

In Linux(fedora 8)
I write server and client in Linux. It works well.
I write server and client in Windows. It works well,too.
But,I write server in Linux,client in Windows. It does not work.
The client throws an exception.

Network.cpp:1224: Ice::ConnectFailedException:
connect failed:WSAEHOSTUNREACH

I don't know the reason.
Please help me.
Thank you!

Linux:(fedora 8)


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    mes California

    The Ice run time in the client is attempting to establish a connection to the IP address you provided in the proxy (, and Windows is apparently unable to reach that address. You can try running both server and client with the command-line option --Ice.Trace.Network=3 to see more information about Ice's network activity.

    You should also verify that you have connectivity between the two hosts. For example, can you ping from the client machine? Can you telnet to port 7777 on

  • I have solved this problem

    Thank you!
    My fedora works on vmware that in my winxp system. That is perhaps the crux of the problem.
    The server runs on the another fedora not using vmare workstation. So it works well.
    I don't know why. Is it a bug of ICE?
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    mes California
    I don't think it's a bug in Ice. It's much more likely that a "host unreachable" exception is caused by a configuration error or networking issue in the client machine.