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error c1189

gogosapgogosap Member Zhenjia YangOrganization: Univeristy Duisburg EssenProject: Application of ICE for RFID Sensor
i have added some files in a project, which is not made by me. With these files, people can sucessfully build a client in a win32 console project in vs2008. But when i add these files into this project and build, it shows error c1189 "Only multi-threaded DLL libraries can be used with Ice!" But i really need to combinie the ICE Client into this project.
what can i do?
What's the problem of this project

thank you!
best wishes
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  • rpetersrpeters Member Rich PetersOrganization: braxton technologyProject: cross platfrom JNI replacement ✭✭

    the vc project must be set to use the option
    "Runtime Library: Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)"
    on the C++ code generation node of the project properties
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