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ICE security.

hello,I want to ask a question, ICE in communication security mechanisms which? and ICESSL whether to support java.


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Which form of security are you looking for? Ice provides encrypted communications and authentication through SSL which is supported in all of the Ice language bindings (including Java). You can read more about IceSSL at IceSSL.html. For firewall traversal and general back end server side protection you should look at Glacier2 Glacier2.html. You can find a good introduction to Glacier2 in Michi's article in
  • communication security

    Thank you for your suggestion.I have two questions.
    Only SSL communication security it?
    Glacier is used to pass through the firewall, right?
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Yes, IceSSL is the recommend way to secure your connection. It provides encryption of the communication between the client and server and also allows authentication to ensure that the server and client are really the processes that they claim to be. See the IceSSL Introduction in the Ice manual for more information.

    Glacier2 does indeed allow firewall traversal. In general, IceSSL is also used with Glacier2 to secure the connection between the client process and Glacier2 process (the connections between Glacier2 and the server processes in your internal network can either use TCP if the network is considered "secure" or also use IceSSL). For an introduction on Glacier2, see this link.