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VS 2008 Addin Bugs

I have seen a few more issues with the visual studio Ice addin.

Problem 1:

The addin appends a component into the visual studio debugging properties environment variable, without regard to what is already there:
 PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\ZeroC\Ice-3.4.1\bin
This causes the app not to run

Problem 2:
The addin doesnt accept edits on the edit control for editing a slice include path in the ice configuration dialog.  
The only way a path can be added is with the ... button. It silently discards added paths

Problem 3:
Saving an ice file during a build will cause VS to crash about 3  in 10 times.



  • Thank you for the reports.

    Problem #1: debug environment configuration not updated in a friendly way

    I've reproduced this issue and filed a bug for it.

    I assume you have worked around it by appending ";$(PATH)" to the Ice line?

    Problem #2: Ice Configuration dialog Slice Include Path control does not edit and silently ignores added paths

    I could not reproduce this issue. Could you provide some details of your environment and some reproduction steps that show the issue?

    Problem #3: Saving slice during build crashes Studio

    I have not reproduced this issue yet. (Not surprising considering the race nature of the bug.) However, I was able to get Studio to generate an error message regarding locked slice generated files. I think the issue is probably caused by the fact that saving a slice file causes it to be compiled. The intention is to ensure that slice generated files are up to date and to detect any errors in the slice file as early as possible.

    Obviously, Studio should not crash and this is a serious issue. However, editing files during a build strikes me as something that would not happen very often. Is there a frequent use case for this that I'm missing?

    I've filed a bug for this issue.
  • Adam,

    thanks for looking at this. For number 2, I have included a png image.
    click the edit button to change an existing slice include path.
    You are able to type in text without clicking the ... button.

    however if you press ok, the changes are discarded. the changes are only saved via the ... button.

    No doubt problem 3 is some kind of race condition.

  • So, you click "Close" on the dialog while the edit field is still active?

    If that is the case, you need to press "Enter" or "Return" to commit your edit before you close the dialog.

    We are probably violating some usability guideline by allowing you to close the dialog while the edit is active. I agree that we should save the edit before closing the dialog. I'll file a bug.

    If this does not describe the issue as you see it, let me know.
  • Adam,

    I guess my expectation was that loss of focus would save the data, as is true for many in-place edit controls.

  • Following up on my own reply regarding setting PATH in "Project Properties | Configuration Properties | Debugging | Environment"

    As you may have discovered my proposed solution does not work. If there are multiple assignments to PATH in the list, only the last one is honoured. Studio does not execute them in sequence as I assumed.

    Therefore, the work around, as I'm sure you've done, is to combine all the paths to a single PATH statement. Of course, you should still terminate it with ";$(PATH)" for a normal prepend.

    Sorry if I lead anyone down the garden path.