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VS 2008 Addin stopped slicing some files


we have a vs 2008 project with the ice builder enabled. It has been slicing files fine. All of a sudden, it has stopped slicing several files, while successfully slicing others. This is with

There is no log file or window or anything in the error window.

the build output had the following, but I dont know what it means:
LogInterface.cpp: \ c:\Dev\CORE4\Common\Interface\ \ ..\..\..\Common\Interface/LogObserver.iceLogObserver.cpp: \ c:\Dev\CORE4\Common\Interface\LogObserver.iceManagerControl.cpp: \ c:\Dev\CORE4\Common\Interface\ \ ..\..\..\Common\Interface/ \ ..\..\..\Common\Interface/LogObserver.iceServiceControl.cpp: \ c:\Dev\CORE4\Common\Interface\ \ ..\..\..\Common\Interface/ \ ..\..\..\Common\Interface/

That line doesnt contain the missing files.
How do we debug this situation? It would be really helpful if there was a slice output window, to observe the results.



  • By running slice2cpp on each slice file, I was able to see that the issue was a compile error on a slice file.

    the error output in VS 2008 never shows an error

  • Could you post a minimal slice file that replicates the issue?
  • Adam,

    it was slicing the files that I thought were not being sliced. I have a list of 4 ice files in the project. The error for the middle files is being obscured by the output of the last ice file, and an error never shows. I will try to put together a sample vcproj and ice files that demonstrate the error.