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Can build ICE on ARM platform, embeded linux ?

sgsoftsgsoft Member Samon SunOrganization: FreelanceProject: Remote RFID Reader
The ICE can run on embeded linux ARM platform ?


  • andreynechandreynech Member Andrey NechypurenkoOrganization: Veterobot.comProject: Robotics vehicle for researchers and makers ✭✭
    sgsoft wrote: »
    The ICE can run on embeded linux ARM platform ?

    Yes, we can!
    Sorry, just could not resist :)

    Seriously, I would suggest to start with IceE(mbedded).
  • luguoleiluguolei Member Guolei LuOrganization: Beijing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsProject: Practice for graduated students
    Click and run cross compiling Ice-3.4.2 for Embedded ARM Linux

    see http://www.zeroc.com/forums/patches/5790-click-run-ice-3-4-2-cross-compiling-package-embedded-arm-linux.html .
    Ice C++ and Python libraries were built. I tested it on a Sansung 6410 ARM11 target system.
  • mwpowellhtxmwpowellhtx Member Michael PowellOrganization: DetectachemProject: SEEKER ✭✭
    Curious did you build Ice-E? I read through what the -E is giving up, and there are some services there I'd like to keep I think. Or is it just a feasibility thing, can't use things like locators and such (would be nice to refer to servants as "topics", for instance).
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