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Make error

I am trying to install ice-py on my mac, i have successfully installed ice-cpp but when i try to make ice-py i receive this nasty error. Can anyone help me try to resolve this issue.



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Brandon,

    The simplest is to download and install the binary distribution available from

    It includes support for Python.

    Best regards,
  • Make error

    The only problem is that I need the 3.3 version because i am trying to use OMERO which doesn't support Ice 3.4, is there a bin file of 3.3 that i can find?

  • and i need it to be 64-bit which the 3.3 on the site is only 32-bit
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    The compilation error indicates that some headers are missing in this directory:


    Can you check the content of this directory? If it's empty, it's likely that you have to install some additional packages with the Mac OS X system installer.

  • Note that if you only communicate with Omero client and servers using the Ice protocol, you don't have to use the same Ice version that Omero uses. The Ice protocol is the same for all versions.
  • Thanks

    Thanks guys for you input.

    The header files were present in my python frameworks, so i copied them into the icepy source and recompiled and it finally worked. I dont know if there was a better way but i dont care haha because im finally done.

    Thanks again
  • and i need it to be 64-bit which the 3.3 on the site is only 32-bit

    Hi Brandon,

    if using MacPorts is an option, the attached works for the OMERO team. Note: it's not tested on a fresh install so you may need to add other packages.

    This script was developed based on the thread
    Ice binary distribution for OS X 10.6? - ZeroC Forums which might also be helpful.
    /tmp/IceBuild $ tar xzf Ice-3.3.1.tar.gz 
    /tmp/IceBuild $ cd Ice-3.3.1
    /tmp/IceBuild/Ice-3.3.1 $ unzip ../ 
    Archive:  ../
      inflating: Make.rules.Darwin       
    /tmp/IceBuild/Ice-3.3.1 $ sudo sh 
    + J=1
    + port install mcpp db46 python26
    --->  Computing dependencies for mcpp
    --->  Cleaning mcpp