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seprate thread pool

I have two questions:

1.Is new ice (3.4) slower than 3.3?
I migrate to Ice 3.4.1 and it seems this version has lower performance .
(i use windows server 2008 r2 and vs 2008 sp1)

2.My Service has seven cores (process) that they serves public requests . two cores of them using inter-process communication with ICE .
if we have large amount of public requests , inter-process calls work so slowly.
Is there any way to make special Adapter with separate thread pool for this issue?

With a lot of thanks for your ICE


  • Out of curiosity, I downloaded your L4i messenger software (L4i Messenger). I understand that it is a Persian language messenger by the Iranian company L4i. After installation, I found that it indeed includes various Ice libraries.

    ZeroC provides Ice under the terms of the GPL (the GNU Public License version 2). This means that, since you distribute your software that uses and incorporates our libraries, you must license your own software under GPL as well. However, when I installed your software, the license text of the GPL was not included, as required by the terms of the GPL. Instead, only a service agreement was displayed, that (according to a Google translation) includes terms such as that the L4i messenger software must not be used to insult political and religious figures, provisions regarding blocking of IP addresses, etc.

    Furthermore, since you use Ice under GPL and therefore must release your own messenger software under GPL, you must also make the full source code of your messenger software available (only for the client, since you do not distribute the server). I could not find any place to download your client's source code. If I am mistaken, and the source code is available for download, could you please send me a download link? Also note that you may not attach any restrictions other than those of the GPL to the source code of your messenger software. For example, a third party is permitted to use your client's source code to write a modified version of the client, or they might even use the interface definition to write their own server that is compatible with your client, and make this server available under their own usage terms, which might not include any of the censorship provisions that you have in your service terms.

    While it seems unlikely that we can enforce the GPL in Iran by any legal means, there are also moral obligations associated with the GPL. The GPL stands for software freedom. If you cannot or do not want to subscribe to this open source philosophy, you should not use our software, or any other software that is made available under the terms of the GPL.