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VS 2008 AddIn bug with solution folders

It seems that the add-in can’t handle solution files that organize projects within folders. You can see this bug in action by bringing up Visual Studio and loading an existing solution & project. Right-click on the project and see that ‘ICE Configuration’ is enabled. Now right-click on the solution and choose Add->New Solution Folder and move the project under that folder. Right-click on the project and you will see that ‘ICE Configuration’ is now disabled.


  • Windows 7 x64
    Visual Studio 2010
    Ice VS Extension
    Ice 3.4.1

    I see the same thing in Visual Studio 2010. Does Zeroc plan on addressing this little bug?

  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Jon,

    We will address this issue in the next addin release ... no date yet though.