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Best practices for junit?


I would like to set up some automated testing for the services I'm writing. I would like them to be written against an in-VM client.

Are there any tips/examples about getting everything up and running? Starting the service, instantiating the client, bringing everything down gracefully.

Does using IceBox have any affect on this?


- Paul


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    We don't have any examples for this but it shouldn't be very complicated to do depending on how your services are setup. You will typically need to instantiate your services before all the tests run and tear them down after the tests are done.

    Your services should most likely use a dedicated communicator (possibly one per service depending on whether or not your services interact with each other). Your tests will be using their own communicator to invoke on the services (you could also use a single communicator for the tests and services but then proxy invocations from tests will be collocation optimized).