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IceGrid Server activation timeout error

I am developing a server that is managed by an IceGrid node. When I start the server from the IceGrid admin GUI app, it starts, but I eventually see an error message from the tool to the effect that the server did not activate in the time allowed.

The server starts with no exceptions thrown if I start it from the admin tool or directly from Windows. It appears to be talking to the IceGrid node at some level because it won't start (throws an exception) unless the IceGrid node is running.

As far as I can tell, the config files conform to the examples files provided in the distribution.

Any help on where I should look to fix this problem would be appreciated!

Ice version 3.4.1, Windows XP, Visual Studio 2008.




  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    IceGrid waits for all the object adapters to be activated before to consider the server as being "Active". If your server doesn't activate its object adapters specified in the IceGrid server descriptor in a timely manner (by default 60s), IceGrid will consider that the activation timed out and the GUI shows an error message.

    In your case, the most likely reason for this error is that your server is not activating all the object adapters specified in the server descriptor, or it activates them but there's a mismatch between the object adapter names specified in the descriptor and the names specified in your code.

    If this isn't the case, could you copy/paste your server descriptor and server initialization code (where you create the communicator and object adapters)? You can also add some tracing on the IceGrid node to see which adapters are getting activated when the server is started, the following properties in the node configuration file should give us the relevant tracing: IceGrid.Node.Trace.Server=2, IceGrid.Node.Trace.Adapter=2

  • Thanks. The problem was an error in the config file loaded by the server. I am using one written by hand, instead of the one generated by the admin tool from the xml file. Lesson learned. The server local admin address was set to localhost instead of Once that was fixed, everything worked as expected.