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Record Ice communication between client and Icebox for later replay

Hi ZeroC,

we are using your marvelous Ice 3.4.1 in our web-application (client) in order to perform price calculations in a number of C# and Java Iceboxes. Unfortunately the pricing algorithms are provided by madhematicians who lack in any knowledge of programming.

So we thought the nicest thing for debugging purposes would be to record the Ice communication and to give them a console application, which simply replays the very same requests over and over again.

Do you see any feasible way to do that?

Thank's a lot in advance

Best regards


PS: Congratulation for your new partnership with Digium.


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Florian,

    Could you describe in more details what you're trying to do? Is the goal to debug your server / Icebox services, by writing a test client that replays requests sent previously by a real client? (Same requests, sent in the same order, with the same timing, and the test-client checks it gets the same responses?).

    While there is no built-in mechanism to record and replay Ice requests, it would certainly be possible to implement this with the existing Ice APIs.

    Best regards,