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How to efficient send large data over multiple points

Hi Everyone,

I'm new in a project, which uses ICE for almost everything ;).
While trying to start the developing, i stumbled uppon a small, maybe big problem.

Let me discribe what i want to do, so you better understand my question:

We got 3 ICE Applications {A,B,C}

A is holding data, B works with some data, and C controls everything by sending commands.
Connection between these 3 Applications is A<->C<->B, so no direct communication between A and B.

What i do is:
a user presses a "LoadFile" button in C.
C asks A for the file and reads the file in its memory.
After succesfull reading, C sends the file to B for further processing.

What i WANT to do is:
a user presses a "LoadFile" button in C.
C asks A for the file and reads a "ice-object-reference" of the data.
C sends the "ice-object-reference" to B.
B open/use/map/whatever the "ice-object-reference" and receives the file directly from A.

Is it possible to implement this in ice in a simple way? So that i can pass the file data from A to B without transfering all data over C, and without opening a connection between A and B by myself.
Is there a way for this to let ice handle the communication all by itself, so me as a programmer does not need to open a connection between the two points?

i hope there is a way to do this in ice.

Greetings and thx for your (hopefully) manymany answer ;)


System Informations:
* Ice version (Ice 3.4.1)
* Compiler version (Visual Studio 2008)
* Languages (C++, python)
* Operating system (at the moment Windows only)


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Hugie,

    Welcome to our forums!

    As an Ice programmer, you usually let Ice take care of connection management for you: the first time you use a proxy, Ice transparently establishes the connection to the target server, and if this connection is ever closed, Ice will re-establish it automatically.

    For a detailed look at connection management in Ice, please refer to You may also want to read the article about proxies in

    In your scenario, you just want to pass around a proxy to an object in A (the object holding the data). This proxy will contain addressing information to the Ice object adapter in A that hosts this object/servant, e.g.:
    dataHolder:tcp -h dataserver -p 10000

    You can pass this proxy between all your applications. Passing around a proxy does not establish any connection--it's only when you use a proxy to send a remote call that the connection is opened.

    So, your B application will get this proxy from C, and when you use this proxy in B, Ice will transparently open a TCP connection directly between B and A.

    Hope this is clearer now!

    Best regards,
  • Perfect.
    Thank you very much. Very Clear and a very good system.

    As soon as i'm at work again, i will use the way how you explained it :)

    Have a nice weekend ;)